UX Show and Tell is a casual workshop that’s all about the work, where you get feedback on your UX, IA, IxD and content strategy deliverables from practitioners instead of stakeholders.

Because let's face it: even the most involved practitioners of the various design communities have few places to share work with other helpful colleagues in a face to face environment.

Organize UX Show and Tell

Interested in setting up a Show and Tell workshop in your design community? I've pulled together some of ideas, lessons learned, and best bets to help promote your workshop, find a host location, and recruit participants.

Guide to UX Show And Tell (pdf)

Of course, feel free to reach out by following UX Show and Tell on Twitter or emailing me any questions you may have, even if it's just to give me a heads up and help spread the good word about your event.

Major Events

  • Interaction 12 Dublin, Ireland
  • IA Summit Denver CO
  • Interaction 11 Boulder CO
  • UX Russia 2010
  • Interaction 10 Savannah GA

Friends of UX Show and Tell

  • IxDA NYC
  • PhillyCHI
  • Content Strategy New England
  • NJ UPA
  • IxDA DC
  • Baltimore Parlay
  • IxDA Cleveland
  • IxDA Toronto
  • IxDA Atlanta

Why a Show and Tell?

We need a casual environment where designers can offer and get feedback on our deliverables & artifacts, such as:

  • research documentation
  • wireframes
  • scenarios and user stories
  • concept models
  • site maps
  • prototypes
  • your portfolio
  • your resume

What's the format?

  1. Opening Comments
  2. Employment Opportunites
  3. Host's opening comments
  4. Facilitator's Workshop Best Bets
  5. 3-4 Sharing sessions at 20 minutes each, including discussion
  6. Wrap up

Who should attend?

Just about anyone who wants fresh feedback on their work, who wants to talk process, or meet practicing UX designers.

Both the experienced and the novice designers will benefit from discussing how we go about researching and designing usable, enjoyable user experiences.

Can I bring drafts of work?

Absolutely. We hope you leave UX Show and Tell with actionable inspiration you can put to work tomorrow.

Even if your documents are just to help you come to a design decision and aren't formally presented to your clients, they have a place at UX Show and Tell.